Cross Roads Bible Fellowship Church

Our Music Minister, Justin Harrington, joined Cross Roads Bible Fellowship over 10 years ago! He and his family pour a lot into working with the music and leading the congregation into worship. ​​This is such an important part of our service. Justin fully believes that God should have control of the service and allows God to lead him in his choices. Justin, his wife, Aunde and their 3 children are all blessings to Cross Roads!

Our Senior Pastor,Keith Rabon, joined the church in August 2017 as the Senior Pastor of Cross Roads Bible Fellowship.  Pastor Keith has a love for the word of God. His belief, is if you let God have complete control and remove flesh from the equation, that there is always a positive outcome. God has a perfect plan and he has shown himself in a mighty way in our church. Pastor Keith is a Draftsman by profession, but says his only true fulfillment comes when being in the pulpit. Pastor Keith resides in Turbeville, SC with his wife, Amanda, and two children. 


  • Will Geddings
  • Melville McPherson​
  • ​James Buchanan

​At Cross Roads Bible Fellowship Church, we strive to be a team!

Our team is made up of a group that has like minds of bringing glory to God.

Our Senior Pastor, Music Minister, Elders, Deacons, and congregation of members and worshippers,all have a desire to have Jesus be seen in their lives. Not just during the services, but during everyday life.


  • Justin Harrington
  • Wayne Bryant
  • Marty Jones
  • Roger Webb​​